Euro T20 Slam Draft 2019

Euro T20 Slam Draft will be held in two parts. It was decided later after the Media Launch of Official tournament.

The new Euro T20 Slam cricket league is set to begin on the 30th of August. European cricket fans have a big reason to get excited. The new Euro T20 Slam cricket league is getting ready to start up. This league was announced back in March of 2019 and will be getting things started with a big game on the 30th of August. Cricket fans are eagerly anticipating this league and it should lead to some great competition.

Euro T20 Slam Draft 2019

What is Euro T20 Slam?

Euro T20 Slam 2019 brings together three different countries. Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands will be competing in this exciting new cricket league. Fans who want to experience some of the finest cricket matchups possible will want to follow this one closely. The rules for the different teams have been finalized and they should help to promote very healthy competition between the six teams involved.

The media launch was held in Dublin, Ireland on 30 April 2019. It was disclosed that players draft of Euro T20 Slam will be divided into two parts.

Euro T20 Slam Draft 2019

As we already know that there will be 6 teams ( franchises ) taking part in this first edition of European T20 Cricket League and 2 teams will represent each country where the tournament will take place.

Where the tournament will take place?

It is the first content based cricket league which will be playing across three countries of Europe.

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Netherlands

Each franchise can have 16 players in their team squad, in which they are restricted to have 9 local players and a maximum of 7 international players to pick in a draft.

Local Players Draft

The first draft will be for the local/domestic players who are going to take part in the league. This draft will be for all three nations who are taking part in this league. There will be 54 local players will be selected from each participating country.

International Players Draft

The second part of the draft will be for the international/overseas players who are going to join this very first content based cricket league in Europe. As we already know 6 of the foreign players taking part in this league which was announced on 30th April 2019. Franchises to select 42 international players in total to make this cricket league more competitive.

When is Euro T20 Slam Draft 2019?

As in the official launch announced, the promotors already started the bidding. Once they get the final franchises then the date for the Euro T20 Slam Draft will be announced.

Get Ready for a Great Tournament

Even if some of the information is not ready yet, this league is still something to anticipate. Cricket fans will be able to enjoy some of the most rousing competition of 2019 when tuning into this league. It has been designed to promote the sport and to help fans both old and new feel the excitement that only cricket can deliver. With many of the most renowned cricket players in Europe expected to participate, this is going to be a tournament for the ages.

Whether you are a new cricket fan or if you are someone who has loved the sport for years, this should be a good event. All the details of the tournament will be fully revealed soon so that you can make your travel plans if you would like to attend. Please return here to get the latest information on the big tournament. You will be kept up to date on all of the venue information, live streaming schedules, and much more. European cricket is about to get much more interesting in just a short amount of time.