ICC Umpire Salary for Cricket World Cup

Right now we have included 8 umpires in our list of ICC Umpire Salary. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is going to start just after few days from 30th May 2019 and it will end on 14th July 2019. As we will keep on getting the news and updates we will keep on updating you more and more about the World Cup 2019 Umpires and their Salary in World Cup 2019. As we have provided much interesting info regarding CWC 2019 for all cricket lovers, same as today we have selected another much interesting topic for curious cricket lovers who wants to know all aspects of this CWC 2019.

If you take a glance at the entire history of ICC Cricket World Cup, you can see that there was a time when every person comes in cricket, wanted to become just a famous player nothing else. But if you are looking at the different phases of the players and looking at their different historical decision of the players, You can see the most interesting aspects regarding CWC history.

For example, it was 1st observed that Sri Lankan player named Kumar Dharmasena decided to start his career as an umpire. His decision was a 1st incident in the history that a retired player emerged as an umpire in cricket. Surely questions will come in your mind like Why Did Dharmasena decide to become the Umpire in Cricket?

ICC Umpire Salary

What was it? Was this decision fruitful for Kunar Dharmasena?

Here we will share an Interesting Fact for the cricket fans.

Kumar Dharmasena: He was player of Sri Lanka team in 1996 and this team won the World Cup 1996. Here one thing comes in mind that a player who was part of the winning Team Sri Lanka, why he decided to become an umpire? Why he did not continue his career as a player?

He also had many other options like he could become a:

  • Team Manager
  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • A Commentator

Why did he decide to become ICC Umpire?

There were a lot of opportunities for him, but he decided to start his career as the Cricket Umpire. Why he did so? What was the reason behind it? Surely there should be a strong reason behind this decision. This is what we want to share with fans who want to know all about their favorite game.

After Emirates Elite Panel emerging in 2002, cricket umpires changed into the elite panel who are earning huge money along with free traveling around the world during different international cricket series and cricket events. Umpires linked with Emirates Elite Panel are getting all benefits on the basis of their sponsorship contracts with Emirates. In some cases, they are earning more than players. Let’s get complete info regarding annual earnings of an International Cricket Umpires, as well as their other benefits along with their pay:

However many cricket lovers have the curiosity to know the annual salaries and other packages earned by an International Cricket umpire annually as well as during single match. These questions come in mind. Don’t Worry we will tell you exact figures about the incomes of Cricket Umpires included in the Elite Panel and Secondary Panel that are also known as the International Umpires Panel. We will surely finish your curiosity.

Umpires Panel Of ICC

International Cricket Umpires even from Emirates Elite Panel no doubt earns huge money. However, their annual earnings are very less than Football Referees. Recently one of the leading Australian Newspaper disclosed the official pay structure of all ICC Elite Panel Umpires and as per facts an umpire from Elite Panel takes annual contract fees along with yearly salary plus match fees but all these packages are different for different formats of cricket. All details are given below:

Salaries Details Of Emirates Elite Panel Umpires

Elite Panel of Cricket Empires is sponsored by Emirates that was introduced back in 2012. This Panel includes the official list of all cricket umpires who can appear in international test matches. Umpires in this panel are awarded annual contracts along with basic salaries and match fee. However, the performance of these umpires is observed during each match very strictly

Usually, the yearly salary structure of all cricket umpires in Elite Panel is different as the most experienced umpires are paid higher salary plus match fee. Whereas the average annual salary for newly recruit umpires in Elite Panel is estimated at around $35,000 annual plus match fee that might be different for different formats. Following we are sharing some examples:

ICC Umpire Salary Details

1 Aleem Dar

Regarded as one of the finest Umparies of the Cricket. Not just test but ODI as well. Aleem Dar belongs to Pakistan. Started umpiring in the year 2000 and got wonderful achievement awards from ICC. Aleem Dar has done umpiring in 63 Test Matches and 190 ODI matches. Not just that Dar was an umpire in 43 T20 matches. The basic year income of Aleem Dar is 45000 USD. Test Salary is $3000 and the ODI fee is $1000. 

TEST Appearance ——————  63 matches. 

ODIs  Appearance ——————  190 matches.

T20Is Appearance ——————  43 matches


Test Salaries ——- $3000 

ODI FEE ————-  $1000

2 Kumar Dharmasena

The 2nd Umpire in our list is the Spin Superstar of Sri Lanka. This magic spinner was part of the 1996 team which won the ICC Cricket World Cup for Sri Lanka under the captaincy of Arjuna Ranatunga. The Umpiring period of Kumar Dharmasena is 2000 – present.

Kumar appeared in the 53 tests, 22 T20 matches, and 84 ODI matches as ICC umpire.

TEST Appearance ——————  53 matches. 

ODIs  Appearance ——————  84 matches.

T20Is Appearance ——————  22 matches


Test Salaries ——- $3000 

ODI FEE ————-  $1000

3 Marais Erasmus Salary

The 3rd Umpire in our list is Marais Erasmus. The gentleman belongs to South Africa. The guy has an interest in cricket from an early age. He is a South Africa’s former 1st class cricketer. Erasmus started umpiring from the 1st class cricket in South Africa. His career as ICC Umpire comprises of more than a decade. The stats that we have collected shows the following information about this person.

TEST Appearance ——————  49 matches. 

ODIs  Appearance ——————  75 matches.

T20Is Appearance ——————  26 matches


Test Salaries          $3000 

ODI FEE                 $1000


4  Chris Gaffaney Salary

He was born on 30 November 1975. He belongs to New Zealand. His served as the New Zealand cricket team in the past (former cricketer of NZ). You must be amazed to know that this guy has played 83 1st class matches. He has started umpiring in September 2010. Let’s have a look at some stats,

TESTS Appearance —————— 20 matches 

ODIs  Appearance ——————– 57 matches

T20Is Appearance——————— 20 matches


Test Salaries          $3000 

ODI FEE                  $1000


5 Ian Gould Salary

Ian Gould was born in born 19 August 1957. He belongs to England. He was a former 1st class cricket of England and played cricket in a wonderful manner. Gould started his umpiring career in 2006. It has been more than a decade that he is serving as a professional ICC Umparire of the World. Let’s have a look at some of the teh stats.

PERIOD                  2006-‘18 

TEST Appearance —————— 65 matches 

ODIs  Appearance ——————– 125 matches

T20Is Appearance——————— 37 matches


Test Salaries          $3000 

ODI FEE                  $1000

6 Richard Illingworth Salary


PERIOD                  2010-‘18 

TEST Appearance —————— 33 matches 

ODIs  Appearance ——————– 57 matches

T20Is Appearance——————— 16 matches


Test Salaries          $3000 

ODI FEE                  $1000

7 Richard Kettleborough Salary 


PERIOD                  2009-‘18 

TEST Appearance —————— 51 matches 

ODIs  Appearance ——————– 74 matches

T20Is Appearance——————— 22 matches


Test Salaries          $3000 

ODI FEE                  $1000

8 Nigel Llong Salary


PERIOD                  2009-‘18 

TESTS Appearance —————— 52 matches 

ODIs  Appearance ——————– 117 matches

T20Is Appearance——————— 32 matches


Test Salaries          $3000 

ODI FEE                  $1000


Overall Salary Package of Elite Panel Umpires

ICC Umpire Salary

Those Umpires included in Elite Panel normally appear in 10 test matches and around 15 ODI matches in a year and if we sum their annual salary along with match fee it almost exceeds $90,000 to $100,000 yearly. In addition to this, their standings in different ICC Cricket events like World Cup 50 over and world cup 20 over are counted separately, now the umpire roles will be quite a greater in number as the ICC world cup 2019 schedule has 48 number of ICC CWC Matches in 2019 World cup.

Currently, Steve Buckner is one of the highest paid Umpire in Elite Panel as according to famous Sports Magazine, he is making around $120,000 per year which include his yearly salary along with match fee and endorsement deals income.

Apart from huge salary packages, cricket umpires included in the Elite Panel also enjoy free traveling along with accommodation in high-class hotels. All their expenses are sponsored by the Fly Emirates. Moreover, these Umpires can visit any selected country with their families once a year for free. All these facilities attract people to come in this field.

All International Umpires Panel Salaries 2018

Cricket Umpires not included in Elite Panel are known as International or Secondary Panel Umpires along with other categories of Umpires for 1st Class Level and these Umpires are basically attached with their local cricket boards.

The yearly salaries of Umpires included in Secondary ICC Panel are way small as compare to the Umpires in Elite Panel. As these Umpires are paid for each match and did not enjoy any kind of annual contract and basic salary. But these Umpires travels free with ICC during mega cricket events. This is also a very attractive facility for Umpires.


Hopefully, this article was much information to you. You must enjoy all these info regarding Umpires salaries packages. Visit our website to get more interesting articles like this one.