Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money in Numbers – Beating All Records (Indian Rs)

You will get the complete and detailed information about ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money. Cricket World Cup 2019 prize money in Indian rupees. Cricket World Cup is regarded as the biggest cricket event in the game so definitely prize money of Cricket World Cup 2019 would be huge in numbers. The stage is set for the world cup 2019. ICC has officially announced the cricket world cup 2019 schedule. 10 International teams are playing for the battle to become world champions.

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Here is the complete list about the world cup winners from 1975-2015.

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Cricket World Cup 2019 winner prize money

Cricket fever is on its peak as one of the most awaiting cricket tournament ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is ready to take off in England & Wales. As per the official schedule announced by ICC, this mega cricket event will start from 30th May 2019 and continues till 14th July 2019 on 11 different playing venues of England & Wales.

Well, cricket fans always remain in curiosity regarding the prize money awarded by ICC to winning and runner-up teams. So we have decided to work on it and finally, we have gathered enough information to share with you regarding to Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money.

In the current edition of Cricket World Cup, ICC has decided to increase the prize money which means the prize money awarded to winning and runner-up sides will be 40% more as compared to World Cup 2015 and 60% increased from World Cup 2011.

World Cup Prize Money in Dollars

According to official details revealed by ICC, a massive amount of US $14 million will be awarded to all 10 emerging teams of current edition whereas the winning side of Cricket World Cup 2019 will be awarded by $5 million. Along with that, each time will get $50,000 for their every victory in the round robin stage.

The prize money of Cricket World Cup has increased gradually over the past few years as back in 2011, ICC had double the prize money that was awarded before in World Cup 2007 whereas in World Cup 2015 prize money was once again increased by 20% reached the sum of $10 million.

In upcoming Cricket World Cup 2019, ICC has decided to increase the prize money by 40% compared to World Cup 2015. Whereas the emerging sides in World Cup 2019 has also dropped down to 10 teams from 14 appeared in 2015. So this time all emerging sides will be awarded by huge prize money on each match victory.

Prize Money of Cricket World Cup 2019

This will definitely be different from previous editions in many aspects as it holds massive prize money along with low engaging sides whereas the International Cricket Council decides to go for Group Stage format for ICC CWC 2019. Let me remind you this thing that this strategy was adapted in World Cup 92 which was won by Pakistan. Given below is the detailed info about prize money of World Cup 2019 and how it will be distributed among the playing sides of this event.

Winners$4.8 million$3.975 million
Runners-up$2.2 million$1.75 million
2 Losing Semi-Finalists$1 million (each)$600,000 (each)
Eliminated teams from group stages$500,000 (each)$300,000 each (quarter finalists)
Winning group match$50,000 (for every group match win)$45,000 (for every group match win)


Cricket Cup Prize Money

Currently, we are having the 12th successful edition of Cricket World Cup as the 1st ever edition of this event was held back in 1975 in England. The prize money for winners of World Cup is always different as ICC has always increased the prize money for winners and runner-ups in each coming edition.

Like in World Cup 2003, the overall prize money for all participating teams was almost $4.5 million out of which the winning side of the event was awarded around $2 million. But no prize money was given to the teams who were lost in group stage matches of that edition.

In World Cup 2007, the prize money announced by ICC was almost the same as awarded in 2003. But in the 2011 World Cup, the prize money was almost doubled by ICC for all participating teams. In the 2015 World Cup the total prize money of the event was nearly $10 million and in the current edition that prize money pool almost reached $14 million.

WinnersRunnerupSemifinal (Losing Teams)Quarterfinals (Losing Teams)Total
2019$5m$2.2m$1m$500,000 (8 eliminated teams in the group stage)$14m
Historic Prize Money Breakdown Of Previous World Cups

Cricket World Cup 2019 prize money in Indian rupees

The prize money pool of Cricket World Cup 2019 is $14 million whereas the winning side of this event will be awarded by $5 million. The engaging sides of this tournament will be awarded by $500,000 prize money for their every losing team in quarterfinals. Now we will break down this amount into Indian Rupees.

Over Prize Money Pool (Note that all the currency will be in Indian Rupees)

  • $14 Million____960,984,500 (Indian Rs)

World Cup Winner Prize Money

  • $5 Million____343,233,750 (Indian Rs)

ICC World Cup Semi-Final (Runner UP Team)

  • $1 Million____68,643,000 (Indian Rs)

Quarterfinals (losing team)

  • $500,000____34,321,500 (Indian Rs)