PSL 2020 Points table, new players, results and all teams latest standings

If you are a Cricket enthusiast, then you are probably desperate for the PSL 2020 edition, which is going to begin at the start of February 2020. PSL took over the cricket world and made its special place in the hearts of cricket fans from all over the world due to its unpredictable and passionate clashes among the teams. Grab the PSL 2020 Live Score here. In this article you will find the PSL 2020 Points table along with the latest all teams standing and results.

Points tables are very crucial in every league in any kind of sport. You can get all the details related to League by single glance like who is winning and losing, what will be the chances for your beloved team to proceed ahead in final or win the league or you if there is the tie between two teams, then with the help of Points table, you can easily do the math and predict the future of the league table. You can also check the PSL 2020 Schedule here.

HBL PSL 2020 Points Table

 In this article, we are going through some important stuff related to the PSL which will help you to understand this league better and let you enjoy league at maximum. Also, the PSL 2020 Points Table will soon be updated as soon as the tournament will start in February.

Pakistan Super League Format

The Pakistan Super League 5th edition continuing the same format as the 4th edition, According to format all teams compete with each other twice and the top 4 teams with most points will proceed to Semifinals. The two topmost teams will play the first semifinal with each other and 3rd and fourth will play the second semifinal also known as Double-Round robin.

The loser of the first semifinal will play another match with the winner of the second semifinal (between the 3rd and 4th team). Then whoever wins, will play the final with the winner of the first semifinal and the Crown of the Pakistan Super League will go to the winner.

Pakistan Super League 2020 Points Table Format

So let’s start with one of the most important parts of PSL 2020, the Points Table. There are six teams are participating in the league and each of the teams is representing one of the famous cities of Pakistan. The PSL 2020 teams are Quetta Gladiators, Peshawar Zalmi, Islamabad United, Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings and Multan Sultan.

The Points table is divided into 7 different parts and all parts are listed below

  • M: Numbers of matches played by the team

  • W: the number of games won by the team

  • L: The Number of matches lost

  • T: The number of Matches tied

  • N/R: The Number of Matches Abandoned

  • PT: Number of Points awarded to the team after each match

  • NRR: Net Run Rate

For each win, points will be rewarded to the winner and loser will get nothing from that game, in case of a tie and additional over will be played which is called the Super Over which takes the match to the peak level of entertainment and excitement. Due to some reasons if the match is not played like due to bad weather condition then it will be considered as a tie and both teams will get 1 point each.

What will happen if the two teams tie on the Points table after all matches played Double-rounded robin stage? Then there are 3 different criteria to decide the tie between them. Criteria are listed below

  • The team with higher Net run rate will qualify

  • If the Net run rate is also the same for both teams then Bowling Strike rate will be considered

  • Third and the rarest case will be tie will be decided on the Head to Head results.


This concludes our article about the PSL 2020 points table and important updates that you must know about the tournament. Since this event is getting closer and we are covering all of its content, make sure that you keep visiting our website for all the major scores and updates. Cheers!