T10 League Points Table, Winning Predictions, Teams Ranking & Points

Abu Dhabi T10 league was introduced by India and it is the first ever league play on 10 overs. Here we bring details about the T10 League points table, teams’ ranking, positions, and their points in the tournaments. It was founded by Shaji Ul Mulk and he is chairman of the league. In the 5th season, the tournament of the T10 league made a record 342 million TV viewers. In this article, you will find the necessary information about all team’s points tables for previous seasons.


T10 League Points Table


T10 League Points Table

T10 League 6th season will start to play in November. ECB releases the schedule for all teams and their fixture will also be available. The points of T10 6th are not available because the tournament does not start. Once it will start the points of every team will show after the match.

Every team must have the highest points if they want to play the tournament final. A team who wins one match takes 2 points.

The tournament format is double round robin. In this season a total of 6 teams played against each other in 35 matches. Every team plays 5 matches in a group stage.

4 teams will play the semi-final and 2 teams will qualify for the final match based on the highest points.T20 World Cup 2022 will start in October and the point of the team will show after the match. If you want to get an update about every moment then the Online points table is the best solution for you.

T10 League Points Table PDF Downloads

The popularity of this event increased its fans. Every fan can not enjoy the live match at every place so that’s why we brought the T10 league points table PDF download. A person can not keep in mind to relate to cricket.

It is not possible for every cricket lover that he will be having T10 League points table open on his PC or mobile device. Sometimes it happened that you want to get things saved on your PC or smartphone.

So you can download the points table on your smartphone and also can share it with friends.

How does Points Table Work?

Points are those numbers which get by a team to win a match. The teams with the highest points rank in the top positions in the table. A points table shows the standing of current teams. Two teams are selected for the final on the base of the most wins and highest points.

Free Websites to Watch T10 League Points Table

The popularity of cricket increased day by day. It plays on the three formats ODI, Test, and T20. T20 is the limited and most watched format due to its short duration.

Abu Dhabi T10 league was established in 2017 and it get fame more rapidly than other formats. Despite the most watching sports game sometimes each person can’t sit in front of the TV.

People are excited to get an update on every single moment of the T10 league. But they don’t know what they can do about it. Here we will guide you and give you a solution to your problem.

We bring two wonderful websites which are free and easy to download. These are suitable for both Android and iPhone. The websites are

  • Cricbuzz
  • ESPN Cricinfo

Through these websites, you can enjoy every single moment of the T10 league points table. Not only teams but also the points of every player. You need to just connect the device to the internet and download the website.

Search for the team points table and not get an update every single minute. An Amazing this about these apps is that they will work in every place. So it does not matter where you live just enjoy your tournament updates.

T10 League Points Table of 1st Season

In the first season total of 6 teams play the tournament. The team was divided into two groups Group A and Group B.  In the group stage, each team plays 1 match against the opponent team. Here we compiled all the team’s points.

Group A

Pakhtoon team plays a total of 2 matches and gets 4 points in Group A. They get the top position on the table. Maratha Arabians win two matches and get 2 points with 2nd place. Team Sri Lanka got 0 points in the table.

Group B

Kerala Kings are at the top of the table with 2 points in Group B. Punjabi Legends also get 2 points but they are in 2nd place. Bengal Tigers are in the 3rd position with two points.

Overall Pakhtoon team got 6 points, Kerala Kings had 4 points, Maratha Arabians got 4 points Punjabi Legends get 4 points, Bangla Tigers got 2, and the Sri Lanka team o point. Pakhtoon and  Kerala Kings play against each other in the final round.

T10 League Points Table of Season 5th

In the 5th season, 8 teams play the T10 league and they were divided into two groups. All the points in the group and overall detail are below related to the team’s points.

Group A

In the group stage, Northern Warriors got 4 points with wins of 2 games. The net run rate of the team is +1.933. Delhi Bulls are in 2nd place with 4 points and a net run rate of +1.819. Bangla Tigers play just one match and get 2 points with a -0.629 net run rate. Maratha Arabians get 4th place with 2 points and a net run rate of -3.257.

Group B

Qalandars team got 6 points with a total of 3 wins. They place 1st  in the table with a net run rate of +3.208. Team Abu Dhabi win the 2 points with a -0.418 net run rate with the 2 in group b. Deccan Gladiators win just 1 match and its net run rate is -1.201. The Deccan team gets 2 points on the table. In the last Pune Devils win 2 points with a -1.999 net run rate.

Total Points of Teams

Delhi Bulls are at 1st place with 10 points with a +3.388 net run rate. The bulls team win 5 matches out of 6. Northern Warriors have the 10 points with a +2.380 net run rate.

They get 2nd place in the table with 5 wins out of 6. Qalandars team got 10 points with 3rd place and its net run rate is +1. 536. Team Abu Dhabi is in 4th place and they win 3 matches out of 6.

The points of the Abu Dhabi 6 with +1.141 run rate. Bangla Tigers got 4 points and Deccan Gladiators are at 6th place with 4 points and a net run rate of -0.594. Maratha Arabians got 2 points and Pune Devils got 2 points with 1 match win.