T20 World Cup Winners, Ranking & Records

T20 World Cup Winners are 6 teams that made unbelievable records. All the teams in the T20 World Cup tournament are very strong and have the best players. To become the winner of a tournament in the T20 World Cup is not dought every team to work hard. But it is the rule of every cricket tournament only one team became the winner.

A team makes the winner of the tournament on the behalf of its highest points. Cricket is like an exam for the cricket team where which team performs better wins the trophy. The people were made mad if their favorite team won the series of T20 tournaments. Do you know who won the first T20 World Cup? If you want to know so read this article till the end to know about the T20 World Cup winners list all season.


T20 World Cup Winners

T20 World Cup Winners

In the world of cricket, the meaning of winner is the defeater. Two teams play against each other in the cricket game where one team wins the game and the other team loses it. A team who gets wins with their efforts or skills against the opposite team or player is called the winner of the cricket world. T20 cricket is an international format that was introduced first time by England’s marketing manager in England. ICC decided to make a new short format for players in 2005. In 2007 1st time T20 World Cup play in the history of cricket.

India becomes the 1st winner of this series in this T20 tournament. Here we list out all the winner’s teams of the T20 World Cup.

  • India-2007
  • Pakistan-2009
  • England-2010
  • West Indies-2012
  • Sri Lanka-2014
  • West Indies-2016
  • Australia-2021

The T20 World Cup winners of 2022 are not announced yet because the tournament does not start. The winner of the T20 World Cup wins the trophy if you want about the T20 World Cup Trophy Details you can read it my previous article. Here you can find all details of the Trophy where it was made and what material is used in it.

Who was T20 World Cup 2021 Winner?

ICC change the 2020 T20 World Cup to 2021 due to the Coronavirus. Australia includes in the T20 World Cup winners list 2021. The mega event of the 2021 T20 World Cup going to start in Dubai. Dubai & Oman host the T20 World Cup in 2021. In this tournament, Australia made history by winning the trophy.

Australia Defeat New Zealand by 8 wickets and become the winner.  Team Australia was the defending Champion of the 2021 T20 World Cup. Australia gets the prize money of $1.6 Million. Mitchel marsh was the Player of the final and David Warner was the player of the series.

How can watch T20 World Cup Winner List?

Two websites provide you with team winners lists. You can find the schedule, scorecard, news, and everything related to the cricket team on it. I know you are thinking about how it is possible. Yes, it is. Cricbuzz & Cricinfo are two websites that provide all things about a cricket team. You can watch the Women’s T20 World Cup winner list, and the cricket world cup winner list on it free of cost. These two websites provide online free information. Now you don’t need to struggle anymore to search any platform. These two websites provide you with all things about cricket.

T20 World Cup Winners Ranking

ICC ranked the team based on points. The team that gets the most points ranks 1st on the points table. All the winner’s teams have the most points and ICC ranked them on the behalf of their points in the table. India ranked 1st in the table with a total point of 11323 and 270 ratings of 42 matches. England ranks 2nd by ICC with a total of 10,474 points and 269 rating in 39 matches.

Pakistratingsked 3rd with a total of 12,424 points and a 264 rating of 47 matches by ICC. Australia ranked 6th with a total of 11543 points and a rating of 251 of 46 matches by ICC. West Indies ranked 7th by ICC with a total of 10,578 points and a 235 rating of 45 matches. Sri Lanka ranked 10th by ICC with 8,705 points and 229 ratings from 38 matches.

T20 World Cup Winners Records

The public like the short format of the T20 other than ODI and Test. It speaks on the head of cricket lovers where IPL is on the one hand and PSL on the other hand. Both are the short formats of T20. Therefore ICC held the every year  T20 World Cup to entertain the fans of cricket. In 2007 year, 10 teams take part in the Super 12 but after 2016 ICC change the rule of the game.

In  2016 16 teams participates in the T20 tournament. From 2007 to till 2021 seven series were played in the T20 World Cup & Six teams become the winners of this tournament. India was the inaugural winner and West Indies became 2 times winners. Here we listed the records of the winners of the T20 World Cup which you never read anywhere and the T20 World Cup winners list year-wise.

2007 Winners

The world cup 2007 was the 1st T20 World Cup which was hosted by South Africa. The final match of this series was played between India and Pakistan. This match was the most rival match of the series because it was a match between two rival countries. Younas Khan and Misbah ul Haq present the match on the plate ahead of India.

India decides to bat first and after the fantastic inning of Gouthum Gambhir with 75 runs, India gives a task of 157 runs to Pakistan. When Pakistan started to play, Imran Nazair broke on the Indian bowling line. With his batting, it seems like Pakistan won this match in 15 to 20 overs. Imran Nazair was in full form but Younis got him to run out.

After this Pakistan lost its wickets one by one. At the time of the end, Pakistan needs just 6 runs to win but Dhoni uses his brain and beat the last player and won the match for his team In this match Irfan Pathan gives them only 16 runs in 4 overs and out one player. Shahid Afridi was the hero of this tournament. Who gets 12 wickets with his magical bowling? In this Tournament India was the winner of the T20 World Cup.

2009 Winners

2009 T20 World Cup was played in England, and in this tournament, both the teams of Asia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka qualify for the final of this series. Sri Lanka decides to bat first to win the toss and made 138 runs on the loss of 6 wickets. Kumar Sangakkara’s innings of 64 runs were involved in this tournament.

From the side of Pakistan, Abdul Rizaq performs well out of 3 players. Pakistan’s teams got the target with the loss of 2 wickets with Afridi’s wonderful batting. In this tournament, Shahid Afridi was the player of the match & The player of the series was Tillakaratne Dilshan. Pakistan was the winner of this tournament which rise as a more strongest team after 2007.

2010 Winners

The T20 World Cup of 2010 was played in the West Indies and the final was played between Australia and England. England decides to field after winning the toss. In the opening, the Australian opener Shane Watson &  David Warner failed after making 4 runs and losing the wicket

The inning of David Hussey comes to Australia on the 147 runs. England teams got the target in 17 overs on the loss of 3 wickets. Craig Kieswetter was the player of the match and Kevin Pietersen was the player of the series. England won the World Cup and become the winner of the tournament.

2012 Winners

Sri Lanka hosted the T20 world Cup in the year of 2012. The final play between the West Indies and Sri Lanka. West Indies decides to bat first and made 137 runs in 20 overs. In the beginning, the bowlers conquer the West Indies player, but after the Semiual batting, they can’t cover his batting. Mendis did a great job with his bowling in this series, he got 4 wickets.

When Sri Lanka starts its batting the Black Strom covers them from all around and out all over the Sri Lanka team on 101 runs. At the time Sunil Narain was the dangerous spinner of the West Indies team and he out 3 players. West Indies player  Marlon Samuels was the player of the match and the player of the series was Shane Watson. West Indies made the winners of this tournament.

2014 T20 World Cup Winners

Bangladesh was the hosted country of the 2012 T20 World Cup and India &  Sri Lanka qualified for the finals. Sri Lanka won the toss but gave an invitation to India to bat first. India teams made 130 runs at the loss of 4 wickets. Expect Rohit Sharma and Virat Kholi each player can’t play. On that day Dhoni helicopter and Yuvraj fans do not work.

All of them were helpless before the Sangakkara. Yuvraj made only 11 runs on 21 balls and Dhoni made just 4 runs on 7 balls. In the reply, Sri Lanka got to the target easily with the loss of just 4 wickets and became the winner of the tournament. Kumar Sangakkara was the player of the match and Virat was the player of the series.

2016 Winners

In 2016 this tournament was played in India, West Indies & England qualified for the final match. West Indies decides to field first. When the England team starts to play Jason Roy & Alex Hills out on just 1 run. At that time Joy Road played 54 round fantastic inning and England reach the 154 runs target. When West Indies start to bat, Chris Gayle and Charles failed after making 4 runs. At that time Samuels enters and changes the situation of the match. Brathwaite made 34 runs on 4 balls and won the tournament trophy for his team. Once again West Indies won the trophy and became the T20 World Cup winners.

2021 Winners

Due to covid-19 ICC delay the T20 World Cup and decides that it will play in 2021. Dubai & Oman was the host country of the 2021 tournament. The final was played between Australia & New Zealand teams. New Zealand gives the target of 172 to Australia teams. Australia chases the target with the loss of 2 wickets. Australia becomes the winner of the 2021 T20 world Cup.